Christmas CD Recording 2012

For years, audiences at our concerts have been asking ‘do you have a Christmas CD?’.  Well this winter, for the first time ever, we can say ‘Yes we do!’.

On the 29th September the band decamped to Dover’s Covelly Studios, for an intense weekend of Christmas tunes.

The festivities began early, with one member of the clarinet section donning her full Christmas pudding costume on the 8am train from London, and insisting on wearing it throughout the first recording session…

The music included plenty of Christmas favourites – all the carols, Rudolf, Troika, David Barker’s lovely Christmas Suite and David Cole’s In Excelsis Deo.  Of course no Christmas CD would be complete without Leroy Anderson’s Sleighride.  After multiple takes the percussion section must have had sleigh bells ringing in their ears all the way home.

The recording weekends are also a good chance for the band to spend a bit of social time together.  David Cole took some of the keener members on an 8-mile run along Deal seafront after Saturday’s session.  An ideal way to burning off a few calories in preparation for a lovely meal out in the evening, and hefty fried breakfast at the B and B the next morning.

After two days of hard work we all made our way home, our lips slightly swollen, but our hearts full of Christmas cheer.

The finished CD should be on sale at our concerts and online very soon.  Easy presents for everyone this year!