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Wimbledon Championships 2012

We were there! …when Andy Murray might have won Wimbledon…

The Wimbledon finals weekend has become a favourite fixture for the band, but I think we all had to admit there was something a bit special about being there for the 1 year in 74 when we had a Brit in the men’s final.

We played in the crowds as the gates opened and they surged in, all a bit more excited than usual.  Not sure who’s idea it was to start with Indiana Jones for this, but it seemed weirdly fitting!

We played our morning set in promenade area, between the Pimms bar and the strawberries and cream stall.  Captive audience!  We spied many a tennis fan discoing their way through the rain from one to the other to the strains of Abba Gold, and cha-cha-ing to Tea for Two.

After that, a quick chance to dry off, a glimpse of Andy Murray, who for some reason chose to share a dressing room with the band boys, and it was off to Centre Court.

‘Scotland the Brave ‘, hastily dug out of the music store the day before, went down a storm, and ‘Rule Britannia’ certainly had the desired rousing effect on the crowd.

Then we had to drink an awful lot of champagne to catch up with the rest of the spectators, just in time to find ourselves a spot to watch the final on Henman Hill (or whatever it’s called these days).

We’ll be back again next year. When Andy Murray will definitely win.